Let's Survive Episode 1 - TOXTETH

September 15th, 2013 by Xendrid In this first episode of our Developer Let's Survive series, the gents muck around in nay0r's latest Objective map: Toxteth! So grab some fish and chips and enjoy the ride. Filmed in an outdated v1.07 pre-release Steam build. Everything you see is a WORK IN PROGRESS. Footage is not representative of the final game.


Xendrid - Public Relations
Lou Saffire - Level Designer
Rock - Animator
ThoughT - Composer
Porky-da-Corgi - Texture Artist
Big King - Closed Beta Tester

What is 'Let's Survive'?

We here at NMRiH felt that our loyal followers are left in the dark on development too often. So we decided to periodically record our play sessions on the latest development builds. That means these videos will contain content that has never been seen before by the public! Whenever there is a new map or say a new major feature that needs to be tested, we will record it!

Where is the Steam release?

On our end, we are ready to release. However, we are waiting on a legal issue to get resolved by Valve. Once it is resolved, a release date will be set that works for both us and Valve. Then we let you guys know with a spiffy new trailer! We're coming down to the wire and want to thank everyone for being so loyal and patient! NMRiH will always be 100% FREE.

Outro music by Aaron Wilde | http://www.aaronwildemusic.com/

No More Room in Hell Team