Small Update

April 25th, 2014 by Brentonator We've pushed out a small update for the game. This update includes source engine updates from Valve, such as the recent server security issue most notably affecting Gary's mod.  

  • Updated to latest SDK2013 binaries 
  • Added cl_connectmethod to PlayerInfo. 
  • Added engine interface for Account IDs. (sync'd steamclient) 
  • Various checks to make sure file transfers are genuine. 
  • Restricted MOTDs to begin with http(s). 
  • Common engine crash fixes

If you own a Windows Server you'll have to update the SDK2013 Base files manually via SteamCMD: 

app_update 244310 validate

You can check if your game has been updated by running the following command (output is shown as well): sv_setsteamaccount  If you get "unknown command" your engine has not been updated.

Some servers have been having issues with users connecting to Chinatown. Users have also reported an error "Netchannel: unknown net message (42)" while trying to connect. If either of these issues are affecting you, you will need to request the server owner verify their installation. If you update with the -verify_all command it should resolve the issue.

No More Room in Hell Team